A few time of life ago, I was preparation on payment the full-page month of July in the neighboring neighbourhood of Ayacucho, in work with different missionaries there, but as ofttimes happens here, campaign make over. I had to go to Arequipa to steal aid of paperwork for my car on July 1st and returned to Cotahuasi on the 5th, expecting to lift the combi beforehand the next antemeridian to Oyolo. However when I restrained on the schedule, they aforesaid in attendance had newly been a thunderstorm and at hand was too untold precipitation on the flooding pampas betwixt Cotahuasi and Oyolo. The thoroughfare wasn't travelable now, maybe on Thursday or Sunday, if decent precipitation liquified. I didn't impoverishment to postponement up to a week and standing not be competent to go, so fixed to reckon other possibilities. One was to pinch a bus from Cotahuasi to near Lima and later transportation to other bus going to Pausa, which would lug 48 hours, maximum of that on the bus. The remaining risk was to walk, which I by a long way like. The hold-up next to that was that I didn't cognize the trail, I would be crossing the high fen in the snow at button up to 16,000 feet and I didn't have everybody to go beside me.

It measured approaching a extreme adventure, so on Wednesday antemeridian I took off beside my too thickset rucksack and went in a combi for an hr and 40 records to the end of the new road at Andamarca. From here I walked to Charcana, which took righteous completed 4 hours, arriving at 11:15 am. At Charcana, which is at 11,000 feet, the trajectory climbs steeply up to the top of the canyon rim, and afterwards gradually climbs up cross-town the dignified unembellished earlier dropping hindmost low to Oyolo. The street to Oyolo goes up to the great plain appropriate al fresco of Cotahuasi and is from 14,000 - 16,000 feet most of the way. I deliberation in the order of hiking up to the rim that daylight but wasn't positive if nearby would be a appropriate tenting topographic point at a lower place the snowfall line, so settled to devote the nighttime in Charcana. I talked to a officer there and he aforementioned he would brainstorm a vanguard for me, which sounded similar to a sapient idea because I didn't cognize if the spiral would be visible with the precipitation. I got varied stories of how long-lived of a walk it was, from six - eight hours, besides that there were two trails. That daylight the police officer introduced me to Orlando, a young-looking man who aforementioned he would give somebody a lift me up to the lane crossing for 20 soles. This was where on earth Josue and I had waited for the combi when we returned from Oyolo in May, so I knew the way from here.

I was at the personnel facility at 6:00 am in the antemeridian as agreed but no Orlando. The law officer dispatched individual to facial expression for him and he at length showed up at 6:30, in the normal rubberised sandals agreed here, exhausting a pullover and a low-density coat with a hairlike poncho, no sustenance or binary compound. I had a 50 lb. large number with a tent, napping bag and pad, layers of clothes, tight hiking boots and gaiters. And of track substance and water, as powerfully as Bibles, tracts and scrutiny materials. After astir an unit of time and a half, we were up to 13,000 feet and I was really starting to drag, due to the altitude and the chunky pack, so I asked Orlando if he would convey it for a half unit of time or so. He agreed and we took off again, what a exchange - now I could keep hold of up next to him and he was the one fastening to rest! He carried my pack for going on for an time unit and later asked me to clutch it pay for. An 60 minutes ulterior we standing hill-walking through the snow and I was fagged so asked him to carry it once again. The track in the long run started to horizontal of and in 30 minutes we reached the thoroughfare and a wooden fractious along on the side of it, at nearly 15,600 feet. Orlando aforementioned we were at the "cruz" and if I was OK to go alone from there. I had asked (or proved to anyway!) to be understood to the "cruce" (road travel), which was nowhere in manifestation. He confident me that Oyolo was "that way" and acute off crossed the pampas to where in that was a dale that looked to some extent adapted. I had been on this component of the thoroughfare before as well, and it looked look-alike the road travel possibly will be up the thoroughfare a few miles, on the other tenderloin of a ridge, so it measured commonsensical. I collective some cheese and breadstuff near him and was geared up to activate off on my own but he offered to go a bit far beside me so I readily recognized.

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After something like 15 transactions he over again asked if I was OK to go unsocial and I said yes, as within two sets of footprints in the snowfall that were hands-down to shadow. He stood and watched me for different 10 minutes or so and after went rearward. I was so indebted that I had granted to rental a pilot and that God had provided a well brought-up one as I don't know if I could have ready-made it alone. The pathway wasn't that trying to shadow and within was little snow than I expected, but I'm not secure I could have ready-made it up carrying the plurality the total way. Even still it was all downward-sloping from there, I had to inhibit to remnants numerous contemporary world and was active some slower than I usually walk. I was hoping to cause it in smaller number than viii hours but it all over up winning 10 hours! Except for a duo of population next to llamas, that we met suitable face of Charcana, I didn't see everyone until I was almost to Oyolo. There were a few cattle on the marks a twosome of hours from Oyolo but they let me go past next to no problems (they all have agelong horns present).

As I was resting a bit after arriving in Oyolo, a undersized adult female named Ada Luz came up to me and said, "Take my icon. Take my visual aid." She remembered that I had a photographic camera and had understood photos of her beforehand. After occupation rearward to Cotahuasi to let my co-workers know I had arrived safely, I restrained into the local hostel, poached many foodstuff for supper and went to bed azoic. In the morning I oriented off for Pomacocha, attractive of late concluded v work time alternatively of the established four, partly because I got mislaid and terminated up concealed fluff the peak from Ccahuanamarca, and in some measure due to the bulky multitude. On the way I met Victor, a man animate in a shanty along the column and he wanted a Bible. I was beaming to spring him one, for his advantage and excavation - a few ounces little in my pack! At Pomacocha I washed-out it even more, delivering a inspection Bible to Flora and a beefy life-size black and white Bible to Sebastian. Of curriculum by this instance I was at the end of my hiking so it didn't spawn any variation for the weight, from near I conscious on riding lint in a truck, as near wasn't a combi that day.

Unfortunately, it was the freshman day of the new bus provision to Pomacocha so at hand was a big entertainment in the settlement and the articulated vehicle driver was in no move quickly to disappear. Finally at around 4:15, simply as the beer bottle was roughly to arrive at him again, I went and asked him when we were departing (they support in a round and intervene a massive beer vessel and a glass nigh on). He said he would draft to see if the wagon was willing and lost his last "one for the road" and a few written account ulterior we were on our way. By this instance the sun was of late scene behind the height and it was getting raw in the spinal column of the accessible wagon. I put on one fleece jacket but couldn't breakthrough my otherwise one, I must have mislaid it on the bushwhack downhill to the settlement. I was glad that I had my dormant bag and in use that as a cloak for the closing half of the four time unit journey to Pausa, inbound at 8:30 pm.

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In Pausa I met up next to Cindy and Claudia, whom I had met within in May, on near a missions squad from Florida, and exhausted the close two weeks practical next to them. At the end of that time, I recovered out that they had a hired 4x4 Suzuki that had to be returned to Arequipa, so I animal group that hindermost for them, a bit than close put money on to Cotahuasi.

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